Support for MQA and DSP

It looks like two different articles in the Knowledge Base contradict each other.

The article DSP_Engine:_Sample_Rate_Conversion says

“Upsampling an MQA stream means it’s not MQA anymore”.

and the article Roon_x_MQA

“Roon is the only music player that seamlessly integrates DSP with MQA content, while preserving your MQA DAC’s ability to fully render the post-processed stream”.

Or am I just confused?

The use of DSP is not limited to sample rate changes. While some operations (like EQ) can be used while still preserving the MQA information, others (like sample rate changes) will definitely destroy the MQA information. O.k., maybe not so much destroy – more like make it useless/nonsensical.

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I don’t know, but maybe because not all DSP is upsampling and rendering is not upsampling.

Upsampling is DSP, but DSP is not upsampling :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope that makes sense to you

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Hello @MichaelE,

Yes, this is true. Sample Rate Conversion does not support MQA. When MQA capabilities for a zone are set to decoder, renderer or both, Roon will automatically disable Sample Rate Conversion to retain MQA capabilities for the zone.

You can still perform other kinds of DSP operation (such as Convolution for example) and the MQA signalling will be restored at the end of the process. When these kinds of DSP operations occur, the Signal Path will reflect it, like so:

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