Support for new iPad Magic Keyboard?

Just got the new Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. It’s really nice with the trackpad, but it seems like Roon does not have support for proper navigation/scrolling yet. Using two fingers should allow me to browse through my library, etc., but it doesn’t. Instead, I have to click and drag to move around.

Is this planned?



I agree. I would like to see full trackpad features for the iPad Magic Keyboard supported.


Yes, I support the idea for track pads and gestures on iPad OS.


+1 for iPad Magic Keyboard support

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+1 here for magic keyboard support on ipad


+1 for Magic Keyboard

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+1. I would just note that this isn’t a request to support a specific (and expensive) apple hardware product. It’s a request to add generic mouse support added in iOS 13.4.

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Well, let’s go the whole way, and allow the full Roon OS to be installed on an iOS with sufficient memory :grinning:

(As with Windows, Linux, and Mac).

+1 I am sure that this is not the most critical upgrade - but would be great to have.

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+1 here as well. Only app I regularly use that has issues with the Magic Keyboard next to TradingView.

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Has anyone actually tried this? I’ve asked 2 separate people who say it’s working.

Huh? It’s not

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I found it odd them saying it works. Why would this thread exist if it did. Thanks for clarifying.

Where did they say that?

2 separate YouTubers

YouTubers who have specifically tested the Magic Keyboard track pad with Roon? I believe it when I see it. We‘re not talking about it generally functioning here.

I have a 2020 iPad Pro with magic keyboard. The cursor works but not the trackpad and gestures.

The main issue is you can’t scroll using two-finger gesture on the trackpad.

+1 for Magic Keyboard support.

Roger that …another one for proper scrolling on the trackpad please