Support for Slide Over-Split View/PIP on iOS9

Hi –

First kudos to the Roon team for their incredible progress. I’ve been in silicon valley for 25 years as a ‘product guy’ and can say it’s rare to see the kind of velocity, focus and quality your product exhibits (not to mention your clever ‘software-first’ strategy). You have my respect!

I use Roon with both Devialet Expert & Phantom systems. Besides their (weak) Spark app, Devialet also provides single-purpose volume/source-select iOS apps (one called Devialet, the other Phantom). I am constantly switching between Roon and Devialet apps to change tracks and control volume—it’s esp. a problem because every time I bring the Devialet app to the foreground it takes 3-5 seconds to connect.

I would love it if you could implement Roon to support Slide Over & Split views so I can keep both apps running in the foreground. A Slide Over UI would also be nice to keep running while I’m in Mail, Safari, etc. It’d be something like having a Roon mini-player and 'd use it constantly.

Lastly, too bad the iOS 9 PIP API seems to only support video—that PIP window is the perfect size for a Roon ‘now playing’ display with pause/play. I wonder if there’s a way to hack it?

BTW, I sent the same feature request to Devialet for their iOS apps.


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