Support iOS file system

Certain functions are not available on the iOS remote because it has traditionally not had a file system: loading music, DSP filters, etc. With the new versions of iOS, it has a file system (if not great) and it supports external storage devices (if not universally). So I think it is time to enable those missing features.

These iOS capabilities, plus the availability of serious apps, change the way we use iOS devices. I’m a photographer and I’m on a lengthy trip in Europe; for the first time in my life, I bring only an iPad, no laptop, use it for photo processing with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, which also sync to the cloud and back to my desktop at home, acting as backup, complementing my external SSD drive.

(Moderators: this is obviously a feature request but I posted it here because platform support is of more general interest than many detail features.)

What was HFS + if not a file system?

The same features are missing for Android also. See also:

It’s about screen Realestate not file systems

I see the same real-estate on my tablet and the PC. It’s just that some features are missing/unsupported on Android/iOS devices (tablets which display Roon’s UI in landscape not phones/“tablets” that display the portrait UI and don’t support editing functions at all).

In the decades to come there is a plan to make the mobile/tablet client full featured. As stated by the roon team.
The decades bit is my bit of sarcasm.


In decades to come maybe my watch will run a roon core and I can control by thought and playback to hearing aid implants…

In the decades to come we may see some bug fixes emerge, and we still won’t have any improvements re box set handling.

All computers contain a file system internally, but iOS did not until recently expose it to users.
E.g. you could not copy a folder of image files from your camera memory card into the iPad, and then copy that folder to an external drive. Apple thought photos should go into the Photos app. Nowadays you can.

One day evand will be a happy person contented with today and what it brings…
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One day

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Forever the optimist you :rofl:


Does patience run out at the Three Score Years and Ten ?

Where are you going with this @AndersVinberg?

Being able to load your music onto your iOS device?

The iOS remote app is re-written to become a (mini) Roon Core app so that we can point it at our local music files (or streaming service of choice) and have a mobile solution?

No, no, I’m a simple man.
I buy an album, from HDTracks for example, download it, and copy it into Roon. Today I have to use a Windows machine. I don’t want to, the Windows machine is used for only two tasks these days, and photo is on its way to iPad, don’t want to have to keep the Windows machine just for Roon.