Support of Dali Callisto with Bluesound module?

Until recently I used Roon in combination with a Bluesound pulse mini and a receiver supporting airplay. In this setup everything works great.
I recently replaced the airplay receiver with a Dali Callisto soundhub equipped with a Bluesound streaming module. And of course 2 active Dali speakers.

The soundhub works fine using the Bluesound app. Same as the pulse mini.
Roon also still works fine together with the pulse mini.

The soundhub/Bluesound module is recognized by Roon and enabled. But appears to be “uncertified”.
Even so: on first sight everything seems to work fine (after just starting a track).
But I encounter some problems:

  • when restarting a track the sound is reproduced only shortly and then stops, while the time slider is moving on.
  • when starting another track from this point, the first seconds are cut off; sound reproduction starts on sec 4 or 5; even the time slider starts on sec 4.

So, my question: is this module going to be supported / certified in the near future? Or can I better swap it with a Bluesound Node connected to the soundhub?

I am running Roon version 1.5 (build 339) stable (64bit) on a Intel NUC / Windows 10 machine.
Using an iPad as control unit.


Hello @Erik_van_den_Bergh,

We are currently working with Dali on their Roon Ready implementation and certification. When the device has completed the certification process, there will likely be a firmware update for the device addressing the behavior you are seeing. We hope to have more to share soon!


I just wonder if Dali Callisto/soundhub/blu-os npm-1 module. Is full Roon ready today.

Best regards

Hello @Lars_Nilsson,

We do not comment on the status of ongoing Roon Ready certifications. I recommend that you reach out to Dali for the latest information.


Hi, Lars,
in addition to John’s answer:
I’ve been using the non-certified driver for 12 months now - to my complete satisfaction. Please find enclosed the details of my installation.
Anyway, your question is a good reason for me to ask Dali Netherlands about the status.
Greetings, Erik

Ok. Thanks very much for your answers.
I have been in contact with Dali and they send me to Hifiklubben sweden… They gave me this answer…
“” "
Hi Lars,

If you embed NPM-1, your device will have access to all Bluesound features, including Roon capabilities.

With kind regards
HiFi Klubben Customer Service

On the Dali Website, every mention Roon is available on the MPM-1 has dissapeared. I did ask the Dutch importer of Dali what the situation was; they replied they are waiting for Dali to finish the certification process.

Looks as if this is very, very complicated for Nad/Dali, as this is taking more than 2 years now.

NAD/Bluesound have been very slow at prioritising fixing Roon issues in general. Its only now that Roon have kicked back on rouge vendors that they seem to have stepped up a gear.

I immediately forwarded Roon’s email of September 9th to my hi-fi dealer. He immediately forwarded it to DALI Netherlands. And there it was immediately forwarded to DALI Denmark. So far silence.

I got a negative response from Dali Denmark: tot op heden zijn er helaas geen plannen voor de Roon certificering van de NPM-1. Onze excuses voor het ongemak. Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards Harold van de Laar Sales Coördinator.

So they sold the Dali’s as a Roon capable product, but withdraw from that now. The lesson to be learned from that: never buy a product today based on promises for the future. I also do not understand that Dali produces more and more active speakers, but doesn’t support them.

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Not sure if Dali are hurting themselves here or don’t have the resources. I am not sure what additional work they do on the oem version of BlueOS for the Sound Hub. I assume there might some commercial as well as technical stuff to do with Lenbrook and Roon so maybe they have just given up? My Roon screen currently shows this status running the Sound Hub on v 3.12.6. RAAT SDK Version is 1.1.36

Am going to try this and see if it works A fix for Uncertified Roon Ready devices

Latest Dali UK response here (more polite than Denmark…that’s us Brits…and farther away from decision making) Seems like Roon was an uplanned feature for Dali but it just happened to exist in BlueOS! Hi Dave, Thank you for contacting us. The SOUND HUB NPM1 module was never ROON ready or certified, it just so happened to work previously. Following a recent update, ROON have unfortunately withdrawn support from uncertified products. The module we use is supplied via Bluesound. This has already been bought to our attention and we are currently in discussions with our R&D department and partners to see if anything can be done to resolve this. Many thanks /DALI UK

Most cost effective ways I can find around this (since Roon aren’t providing the old code anymore) have been a) Chromecast audio to the optical port in the Soundhub or RCA in or b) Raspberry Pi with either a USB to SPDIF out or DAC to go to the RCA on the Soundhub, if you still want to use Roon. If anyone has tried something else then please share.

I can’t see Dalu/Bluesound fixing this anytime soon (or ever) although I would love to be proved wrong

Dali lauched new product called “Dali Equi”. Is this Roon ready? Dali App for IPad shows “Roon ready” as a music source.

Can’t find any mention of it so wouldn’t count on it. Looks to be an additional module to add to existing hub and is still based on BluOs.

Hi @Thomas_Kosthorst,

The Dali Sound Hub is not Roon Ready certified.