@Support: Qobuz Albums missing in "my library" since last update

Hi there,

I was told by the community that this is not a new issue and that I should raise a support ticket with you/support.

my library contained many Qobuz albums that I had added previously and could sort them with the “date added” sorting. With the last update (yesterday), all these albums are gone, and “my Library” lists only the albums I have stored as files on my HD.
I can add new Qobuz albums to my library, and these then show up as before. Only the ones that were added before the update do not show anymore.

Running Roon on my Synology NAS (DS21+ with external SSD for the Roon DB), accessing through my MacBookPro, iPhone and iPad.

Just restarted the NAS, but that has not changed anything.
Any thoughts?

Particular annoying for me as I am a lifetime subscriber.


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