Support request - unable to log in

I had to complete a time machine backup and system OS reflash on my imac desktop. I reloaded a fresh copy of Roon labs software, and cannot login after multiple attempts. I cannot access thru the free trial port either, since my lifetime membership shows active.

late 2014 imac, Mojave 10.14.4 OS

I’m dead in the water. @support

Did your time machine backup include the Roon database? If so, it’s probably corrupted (see the bottom of this page). You could try deleting it, to see if you can then log in and restore a Roon backup?

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Hi @rrwwss52,

As Geoff mentioned, if your database was included in that backup, starting fresh and the restoring a Roon backup is the best bet.

Can you share a screenshot of the error you’re receiving when you try to login?

Hey Dylan, the desktop had some other issues…think I’m going to start over from scratch…I’ll keep you posted, may take a couple of days on my end…thanks.

Go ahead and close this. New computer. Should be back up and reloaded in a couple of days. Thanks.

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