Support Template Post Restriction

I wonder if it would be useful to prevent posting in the Support section unless the Support template is filled out?

It definitely would but not sure if it would be possible to implement that within the confines of the Discourse software.
But a great question for @danny I think.

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An alternative would be adding a header to the auto-inserted template that says

“Any support post without a completed Support template will be automatically deleted.”

BUT that would stop people moaning without providing facts - not very fair :smiling_imp:

What new disease it this that half of the people don’t even try to fill out the template anymore. One just wrote “Nucleus” now, that’s all

Although in a lot of casdes, it makes sense to know the user configuration, there are other support issues, think of metadata, user account, … as examples, where it does not make sense.

What would make sense if one could add one’s configuration to one’s account, so that you don’t have to provide the same information over and over again. (And I know people could ‘forget’ to update their configuration info, but a short reminder when opening a new support topic would help in most cases).


My config is in my profile, and has been for years, so I don’t disagree; I do think it will be just as difficult to get people to fill it out in their profile as it is in the support post window. Forcing folks to put in their setup as they post would inconvenience a few for the good of the many.

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