Support with support

I’ve posted twice in Support about Chromecast not being gapless. The first time, the problem was replicated, then the problem disappeared and Chromecast was gapless. Then, with an update, Chromecast was no longer gapless and I posted again. My post was merged then closed and unlisted, with no solution or communication with me. I reported this a third time and was asked to post in Support a third time with full details, etc. but, really? The problem hasn’t changed. Is this how it’s supposed to work?

Hi @Dafydd_Waters,

I took a look at you posting history and found that merge, it looks like they were merged in error as that topic whilst about Chromecast is not really about gapless play, so I have “unmerged” your post back their original topic.

I also found your second support post, which I have merged with the former to keep the history together.

The last post in that topic is from @beka (April 15 2021) requesting details of your setup, she would have post that as before the merge (I just did) those details were not present in the topic. I assume support are waiting for you to respond to that post. I would recommend replying to that post re-engage with Roon support team.

I also found this topic in #roon, which is reaching out the wider community …

You mention

I couldn’t find that, maybe it was via a PM, but again would suggest following up in your original support topic which is monitored by @support.

I hope the re-merging / merging into one topic helps to get some focus on this for you.

If there’s still a topic out there of yours I missed, let me know and merge that it as well (again so all the history on hand for Roon team to view).


Update, just found your 1st support request on this which is marked a closed.

Hi Carl. Thanks for all this. When I said above that I was told someone would get back to me, I mean that when I first reported the problem, I was told that the problem had been replicated and that someone would get back to me – that did not happen. Rather, I responded, later on, to say that the the problem appeared to have been addressed. It’s not really important now – but the point I’m making in general terms is that (1) I have a problem with gapless play in Chromecast, but also (2) I’ve tried to use the forum for support with this three times – twice providing all the information asked – and on the first occasion, communication dried up and it was me that got back to Roon; on the second occasion, my issue was disappeared (as in merged, though I appreciate you clarifying that this was an error). On the third occasion, I was asked to post in Support again with full details and I was a bit like, um, again? Anyway, I want to be constructive, so I will go post in Support now. Thanks for your help.