Supporting both Portrait and Landscape Mode on the same device?

I’d really like to have the ability to have both Portrait and Landscape modes on larger devices like my Pixel C Tablet and Pixelbook where it’s landscape only. On the phone, it’s Portrait only … so it’s not like both modes don’t exist on Android.

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I just bought an Android tablet , I will see how portrait behaves on a 7 in screen

It’s one of the things I don’t like about iPad , landscape only

Have a read of Rene’s post on the surface Pro , it was one of his comments


I love using the larger devices, but there are times when it would be nicer to have Portrait on the larger screens to read artist bio and metadata … especially when I’m already in portrait mode reading while listening.

Yeah… Roon is very nice to use in portrait.

For now, this is the exclusive domain of Windows tablets and the 12,9" iPad Pro’s, but the upcoming UI redesign will bring feature parity across devices. It’s still early days in development though and it’s probably a few moons away.


+1, yes landscape would be appreciated

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