Supporting iTunes play counts on import

I’ve been an iTunes user since it came into existence. I enjoy looking at my listening history in terms of play counts, when I last listened to a track or album, etc. Many of my playlists in iTunes are based on last played date and/or play counts. Is is possible for Roon to preserve this info? It looks to me like I’m starting from scratch. Thanks for a great product with what looks to be a great deal of potential!


Play counts AND Ratings.

However, I want to import ONLY that data, and not the files themselves. I use a Roon managed folder for my music.

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However, I want to import ONLY that data, and not the files themselves. I use a Roon managed folder for my music.

Wow, that’s never a way we’ve thought about doing iTunes data import. Thanks for opening my mind.

@brian at first I used iTunes’ folder, but iTunes likes to manage that folder.

So I copied my library and made the new copy, of my library, a Roon Managed and Watched Folder. There are benefits here too, Roon moves stuff and organizes much better than iTunes.

However, I do not want to add all the iTunes’ folder songs to my Roon Library should I choose to import ratings and song statistics or else I believe I will have duplicates.

If there is a way to look at the iTunes file of record and attempt to match the song with file in my Roon Managed and Watch Folder, I’d be happy with even 80% Solution.


I also use play count for play lists
Never played
Not played in Xdays/weeks (helps identify things to cull from my library and reacquaints me with others)
Skipped by number of skips–do I really want to keep a cut I often skip after it starts




If I pause a track and continue later, it shows two play counts.

I too would really like this feature. Seeing how many times you’ve listened to a track, and when was something I always found really interesting. I’m just trialling Roon at the moment, but this is a feature I’d really want to see. I really like the idea of the enriching information Roon brings around your collection, and the integration of streaming, local files etc, but I don’t want to give away all the history I’ve built up in iTunes over the 13 years I’ve been using it.

I also would like to see this feature. My itunes library is from 2006. So a lot of plays that i would like to import to roon. I don’t want to loose the history of all the music i listened to.

I would also really appreciate external play count importing, in my case from Even though I started scrobbling after buying Roon, moving from Tidal to Qobuz lost all of my favorites and play counts. Thus my “Most Played” sorting really has no use. It would be really great if just modification to play counts was possible with the Roon API, then the community could write and share their own scripts to import that data from different external sources.

I would love to import data. I aggregated my data from lastfm, iTunes, and Apple Music but cannot import into Roon. At least extending the Roon API to allow defining a data structure for a ‘played track’ and a ‘favorited’ track would be sweet – would definitely write an import script for Apple Music (using the export Apple data feature), lastfm, etc. Thanks!