Surface DSP Preset(s) In Music Player

One of Roon’s biggest advantages is DSP setting(s). If other users are like me - they will have various DSP presets for different listening applications (2 channel, headphones, etc). Sometimes, unfortunately, that means listening to a song for a minute before realizing something is off and that DSP setting(s) have not been adjusted based on current listening application.

I might be missing some constraints but the idea is that DSP preset(s) can be surfaced in the music player to allow users to:

  1. See the current DSP preset selected
  2. Toggle different presets conveniently

Attached a quick sketch of what that could look like on Desktop.


I just want to be able to edit EQ settings from the android app :frowning:

Definitely, that would be convenient!

However, think low hanging fruit is conveniently switching between existing presets.

My hypothesis is that the [DSP] feature within the [speaker] icon has the highest engagement from all of the other options in that icon. Why not surface it?

I have many many presets for all different headphones, IEMs, speakers etc but it is crazy that I need to fire up a laptop just to make a slight adjustment to something in the DSP.

You can also use a tablet if you have one.

I have a tablet but never use it because using my phone is much more convenient. This makes it even more frustrating that the full DSP features are available on the tablet app and not the mobile app.

I realise they just want to have the 1 framework and not a separate piece of software for every type of computer interface but how hard could it be to make editable DSP settings even if it is just text based.

Do you save presets and continue to modify your presets afterwards? How often are you adjusting DSP settings?

I have a preset for each set of headphones / IEMs I own with convolution filters loaded or EQ or both.

But sometimes I just want to reduce the treble a dB or so or cut a notch out of the mid bass or add some sub bass.

I obviously can not make a preset for every iteration of change I might or might not want to make in the future.

Practically every single media player on an android phone has some sort of ability to EQ. As amazing as roon is I find the lack of editing presets unbelievable.