Surface Pro 3 as remote- can't connect to remote library

I have roon running on a mac mini, with airplay devices as the endpoints and a macbook as primary remote. I have a surface pro 3 that i’m trying to configure as a remote. the app installs, but will not connect to the remote library. both are on the same network.

I’ve had a similar problem. Mac Mini as a server, with HP Laptop (Win 8.1) acting as a remote. The remote would sporadically fail to see the main room and a restart (or two) or Roon (On the laptop) would be required.

I’m not sure what technology Roon use to discovery the separate components which make up a system - my guess SSDP over UDP (SSDP is the discovery protocol used by DNLA / UPnP - Apple rather confusingly calls it Bonjour).

I was busy last night, but I’ll get out my copy of WireShark & have a play this evening.



@woodford @Rik

I’m going to follow up with both of you via PM – it sounds like you both have “Accept Connections From Remotes” checked off, and that you’re both trying to connect from the same network as your primary Roon install.

Once we have some more information from your installs, we should be able to pinpoint the issue – thanks guys!

Hi @mike

I can access the server from the (wireless) remote for a short period of time (5-10 mins) , but Roon then looses the connection and needs restarting to operate correctly. Wireless connectivity is good / very good in the room (OK to stream 192k to a Linn DS with minimal buffering). NOTE: I’m not streaming any audio during these dropouts.