Surface setup as remote and player

Just installing and confused. Everything great from core/player to my first (Chromecast) endpoint.

Then added MS Surface for remote which is great, but I also want it to play from itself. I thought I needed Bridge to show up as a new zone, but that did not work. What is the basic configuration for a PC to be remote and player that is not running the core or storage?

Go to settings, audio and your surface should show up there under network devices.

Yeah, it did not show up. Should it have showed up just after install (with no need of Bridge?)

As long as you have installed the roon client on it, that will work.

OK, will have to go into troubleshooting now. I deactivated firewalls, but still no joy. Is there a good link to Win10 PC troubleshooting? Everything else worked instantly.

installed on second Win10 laptop in house and also works as a remote just like the surface but also does not show up as a network audio device either. what am I missing? seems something basic I expect.

Devices running Roon (or Roon Remote for Android/iOS) usually only show up under Settings|Audio while Roon is running on them. If you close Roon (Remote) on them, they disappear from Settings|Audio until the next time you start Roon (Remote) on them.