Surfrace Pro 4 running Roon

Hi everyone if someone has any experience on this I am thinking of buying a Surface Pro 4 for running Roon and also buying a Sonicorbiter Se for the endpoint any experience will help me out.

  1. Where is your music going to be stored?
  2. Are you planning on using the Pro 4 as a core?

If the answer to 1) is not the Pro 4 itself or the answer is no for 2) I think the Pro 4 is over kill for a control surface.

I was thinking on a nas.

If you have no other computers in the house to host Roon, then yes the Surface Pro 4 is a great option as long as you have a strong Wifi network as you would be reading from your NAS and streaming to Sonicorbiter over it.

I do have other computers but they aren’t fast and since I have iPad 2 I will also need a tablet so that is why I was thinking of surface and I have a very good network 27 Mbps.

I am using a Surface book as an endpoint, together with a NAS and a Mac Mini. I run HQ Player and headless Roon in the mini; this is one possible combination. I woukld prefer it because I do not trust too much wifi for sending hard info, instead of control “orders”, even though my network reaches 125 mbps . And btw, it sounds great