Swap all Tidal albums to Qobuz

Hi all

I currently subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz but prefer and use the latter to the point where I no longer use Tidal. If I choose to listen to an artist from my albums which is Tidal I immediately click Version and swap over.

Is there a way I can change all albums to Qobuz without doing each one individually. It would be great if I can because I’ll cancel Tidal and things will be much simpler.

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As far as I know the easiest way is to use Soundiz, just add both your Tidal and Qobuz accounts and start pulling your favourites across (it’s a while since I did it so can’t remember how exactly!) - after a while they will all appear in Roon in your Qobuz favourites.


Yes for albums and artists. Not tags and playlists in Roon

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Soundiiz is what I used. It’s not the most elegant s/w in the world, but it worked. After I was done and certain that everything was working, I canceled my subscription. I can’t foresee needing it any time soon.


I’m also in the process of switching from Tidal + Qobuz to Qobuz only. I’m down in that process from about 1400 albums on Tidal to 855. My library consists of 2146 additional albums on Qobuz and 1399 local stored albums. So 4400 albums in total.

I do this transfer by filtering my albums via Focus on Tidal only. I then manually go through every single album to identify the best Qobuz version. I add it to my library, replicate tags, album rating, liked songs, and songs on my playlists (as I can’t remember everything I need to switch several times between the two albums, as you always have to use the Version tab). Once everything is carefully transferred I remove the Tidal songs from the respective playlists to finally remove the Tidal album completely. One down.

IMHO adding the albums automatically by any outside service will not speed up anything: I still have to open every Tidal and Qobuz album in Roon and manually transfer album ratings, liked songs, tags and all songs on various playlist. And delete the Tidal songs in that playlists and finally the album itself. All this information is locked in Roon and not accessible by any automation tools (as I‘m aware of).

It’s a huuuuge pain in the whatever. Especially when you know you have a system (Roon) that knows all that information already and could just do it for you in some seconds. I roughly calculated that I still just need to perform about 20k to 25k clicks until I’m done. Hahaha. This is insane. I probably will need until the end of the year and spend hundreds of hours on this. Call me crazy…


Wow, you really have got a huge task on your hands!

After reading the first few posts I thought Soundiz might be the way forward. But like you say, I still need to go in to each album to fine tune my selections. So I think I’ll do them one by one, it’ll keep me busy :+1:


That’s a shame because I use tags with everything.

Be mindful that reverse syncing from Roon >> Soundiiz >> Qobuz will only identify c.80% of your songs, even though they originated in Qobuz. This is baffling but how it is.

I do this to create playlists back in Qobuz for long roadtrips to places where it would just be too expensive to stream. And Roon doesn’t have offline roaming on an iPhone (as far as I can tell).

Soundiiz is generally quite good and certainly the way to go.

My exact experience as well, I am now half wa through my 7000 ex tidal albums…

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I’ve been using Tidal with Roon for almost a year, and I’m tired of having to do all this planning to make sure that my signal pipeline can handle the MQA–only to find some “gotcha,” like Roon not using the non-Android-crippled audio pipeline of my DAP, still actually prevents me from getting above CD-quality. Add to that the faulty MQA rips, and I’m done.

So, this Soundiz: can I feed it my whole Tidal library and have it tell me a) the Qobuz albums it’s found with the same metadata, and b) the albums it couldn’t find? I have a small enough collection that going through that list manually and picking the best Qobuz version won’t be any big deal, but if I have to go to the Qobuz search engine 500+ times to look up the individual titles? Jeez, that’s a lot to ask in the digital age. And of course, that list of albums it couldn’t find will tell me what I need to buy and have on hand locally.

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