Swap release date and recording date

is there a way to swap the release date on the main album screen by the recording date?
I the feel date recorded in an artists discography is much more important than when the label finally decided to release the album. For all albums at once, of course, not individually

No way to do that. It seems to me that the 3 dates (recording date, original release date, release date) should stay what they are and where possible contain the 3 correct dates, but that it should be possible to display one of them as the main date on top, as chosen by the user, and it should be possible to sort by either.

There is a feature frequest for the sort here:

tx for the quick response, let’s hope it gets picked up

Make sure to add your vote to the request, if you have votes left :slight_smile:

Done, 4 votes left

I’m sure you will find things to do with them :slight_smile: