Swapping USB hard drives on the Nucleus

Roon is working great, but I want to swap my USB drive that is currently attached to the Nucleus, with a SSD drive with the same files on it.

Does Roon see this as a “new” drive and start over with stats etc?

Just to be clear, you are swapping an HDD USB drive for an SSD USB drive?

Yes, 1 TB SSD from a 1 TB HDD

I’ve done the swap and it’s working, but I may rename the SSD to match the name on the HDD. Probably not going to be anything I notice in terms of speed, but I like to tinker. :slight_smile:

I manage my music using Media Center 30 on my laptop and that is the master version of my music. I even use MC30 to build and manage my playlist as it’s much easier.

As I add music to the master copy, I’ll mirror that to the USB drive, and attach it to the Nucleus. I will be periodically swapping drives. What I have been doing is shutting down the Nucleus, removing the drive and attaching it to my laptop to update. I plug it back up and turn on Nucleus.

I have a Synology NAS and I may change the file location to the NAS so I don’t have to use any drives.

I would keep the music local to the core as recommended.

That is the plan and another reason I bought a USB SSD, and it’s working great right now.

I mainly use the NAS as a backup in a RAID 6 configuration.

Excellent to hear. Although, a HDD is already faster than the speed of the USB interface and the speed at which Roon queues music.

Same or similar question. I ran out of room on an external SSD connected via USB to a Nucleus+. I’ve copied everything over to a new larger SSD drive. So–it should go like this?

  • Power off the Nucleus+
  • Disconnect previous SSD
  • Connect new SSD
  • Power Nucleus+ back on
  • In Roon, rescan

Does the SSD connected to the Nucleus+ need to be formatted in any specific way? When I copied files over I did not reformat the drive.

I hope this does not change the “date added” data so I can still sort by date added and get the same order of albums.


Yes it will want to reformat it before it can use it if it’s an internal drive . So you should not copy anything to it until that’s done. If it’s a usb attached one then no all you do is edit the storage path to point to the new drive and let it rescan.

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