Switch between core and app on the same iMac

For high quality listening I run the Roon core on a dedicated Antipodes CX. Works perfectly and it helps to achieve high end sound for the main set. However, I do not play my main set daily and the CX uses a lot of electricity. This month I switched it off to see how much difference it makes to my electricity bill :wink:

So, as an experiment I have setup an old Synology nas, copied all my local music to it, put it far away from the main set and run the core from an iMac for other, less high end streamers in the house. That works fine too.
I can also use it for the main set (dCS) like this and the difference in sound is for another topic…

Now the thing: when I turn the Antipodes back on for serious listening and switch to that Roon core, I’d like to use Roon app on the same iMac to control things and see the album art in large (like I use to do before). But Roon on the iMac, configured as a core now after all, tell’s me to deauthorize the Antipodes. Well, no, not this time.
Roon on the iMac does not have the option to say no to deauthorizing the other core and will not start up any further than that.

Is there maybe a way around that?