Switch Devices to RAAT Not Airplay?

I have two devices, an Auralic Aries Mini and a Naim Muso, which both support Airplay AND Ethernet or WiFi. In Roon Setup>Audio they are at the bottom of the listed devices under the Airplay headline. I have used them this way without problems but want to switch them to using the Network NOT Airplay so I can group them with other Network NOT Airplay devices. The Aries Mini is using a wired Ethernet connection to my network, the Naim Muso supports wifi on the same network.

Neither device is listed under Settings>Audio>Network, even when I Disable them under Audio>Airplay. My network is on Netgear Orbi hardware feeding associated Ethernet switches.

How do I switch these devices from Airplay to Network devices in Roon?

  1. You need to be on v5 of the firmware. If you are, then toggle on Roon Ready in the Aries Lightning DS software and you should see it appear in the Network section.

I don’t think the Naim Mu-So is a Roon Endpoint aside from Airplay. I did not find it listed on Roon’s devices page, nor did I find any mention on Naim’s product pages.


Thanks, that’s a big help. I thought maybe the Muso was new enough to be Roon Ready but apparently not :sob:

No, I suspect Naim reserved that as a selling point for the Uniti series.

I suspect you’re right… and it’s gonna work, too: I’ll be trading up to the new NDX 2 ASAP. Not just for Roon support but that has a lot to do with it. Naim updated the classic servers to support Tidal, I can’t imagine why they couldn’t also add Roon except for such marketing reasons (which serve the company, not the customer).


Well, it could easily be something to do with hardware limitations, or even software limitations.

But, the new Naim units are quite nice actually.

They are updating all the classic range this year and all will be Roon ready. The old architecture could not do it. They have a completely new streaming code for the new generation of systems. They started with the new Uniti all in ones last year and this year it’s the classic range.

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