Switch from Roon core to Roon server

Currently I run Roon core on a NUC10 and I would like to switch over the headless Roon server. Anything important to know before the switch?

Should be simple. I did this the other day - I went from NAS to NUC, before realising that Roon Server was a thing. All I had to do was correct the storage locations as my backup retained my NAS folders - doesn’t sound like you’ll have to do that, so it should just work.

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Quick update on the subject.
Step 1: forced backup of database
Step 2: disconnected existing core
Step 3: removed Roon app from NUC
Step 4: Installed Roon server version
Step 5: Logged into Roon with my credentials
Step 6: Restored system with latest backup
Step 7: success

Had to login to streaming services separately after restoration. All playlist etc. intact.
Have the impression that the server version reduces processor load and decreases memory usage.

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