Switch Off DSP globally or per device


I find it rather disturbing that there is no way to switch the DSP function globally of or per device.

Nice to have such a function of course, but do i need it ? Yes or No, let the user decide for which device, or just don’t use it at all…

For instance the ruddy digital DSP volume setting for the Auralic Aries is still shown as a DSP setting even the voulme is controlled by the device itself and not roon, own bug report filed in the forum which NEVER lead to an answer, so let us please decide to use the DSP or not :slight_smile:

Thank you and best regards from Vienna,


You can set DSP per device already. I have different or no settings for each of my devices.

Every endpoint has its own DSP settings. There is no global settings. If there is digital volume on the Aries Roon is likely reporting this is happening.

Show your signal path so we can see if it’s Roon’s DSP or it’s reporting it’s the Aries.

Yes Ok, but you cannot switch it off per device, would be nice to have…

I don’t understand what you mean. If you can set it per device you can switch it off per device.

Yes but even it should not be there the DSP Volume for my Auralic Aries shows up:

AHHHHHH I disabled the volume control directly on the Aries WebGUI and now its gone, can be closed!!!

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