Switched from Qobuz to Tidal. Can’t remove Qobuz albums from my library

Description of Issue

Tried Qobuz streaming in Roon. Liked the integration, but switched to Tidal, cancelling Qobuz. I added some Qobuz albums to my library. Now, of course, they are no longer available but I can’t figure out how to remove them. I trying at the album level fails because there are “no items to review.”

Because the Qobuz copy is in my library, I’m unable to access the album thru Tidal.

How do I…

  • Delete the Qobuz library albums?
  • Open those albums in Tidal?


Disconnect your qobuz account on Roon and they will go away. Run library maintenance after this to completely remove them from the database.

Am not logged into Qobuz. Ran library maintenance but the Qobuz entries persist

Maybe by setting Focus on Qobuz Library > Select All > Remove from Library ?

That should remove all of Qobuz. Make sure that you have favorited all albums in Tidal as well. Manually if just a few, but for mass transfer from Qobuz to Tidal you can use Soundiiz.

Qobuz is disabled. It doesn’t show up under the Focus tab. Only my local library and Tidal appear.

I only added 7 albums from Qobuz to my library. I could live with this if there’s a way to select the albums from Tidal

I don’t know why you can’t get rid of the Qobuz version, but that should not in any way prevent you from adding the Tidal links to your Roon library. Click on Versions for each album and choose the Tidal version you want to add.

Also, I know you cancelled your Qobuz account, but is it still active until the end of the month? If it is, perhaps you could reenable it in Roon and that would allow you to delete your linked Qobuz albums.

Maybe you can enable it again just to select and remove the Qobuz albums

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For what it’s worth, in the Settings > General you can choose if Tidal or Qobuz is preferred, but this affects only newly added albums as well as radio. It can’t fix existing choices

Can you show screen grabs of what you see in Roon showing these albums as this makes no sense as all my qobuz albums go when I log out same for Tidal they cannot be seen.

If you goto the albums in question do you have a versions tab showing on the right. .If so click in there you should see the Tidal equiavlent and you can add that and make it the primary source.

If you cant do this then something has gone screwy with your DB. I have had issues with grouped albums when one of the albums has been removed from the streaming platform and replaced with a different version.

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You can log in with your Qobuz account and view and delete your albums without having an active subscription.

But strange that cleaning up the library doesn’t remove them automatically.

Hey Jesper. This looked promising. Logged into Qobuz and tried deleting an album from the library. It appeared to work: dialogue said it would be removed. Went to library maintenance and there were 0 items to remove. Problem persists. But this is farther than I got before.

Seems to me this should not be hard…,

Hey @Glen_Smith,

You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

After taking a look at your account, it looks like you’ve been able to remove the unwanted tracks since posting. Can you please confirm if you’re still having issues?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Ben. Glad to finally hear from Real Roon staff. I have no trouble believing you’ve had a LOT of support issues relative to 2.0. Your upgrade took my installation down for a week. The “support” I received from the community was clueless, as was the support offered for the problem you’re contacted me about here; which may be connected.

The short story to the Qobuz persistent library entries is that I finally found a work around using Versions at the album level; allowing me to choose the Tidal version. Fortunately, I had only 6-7 Qobuz entries.

My fix to the installation down issue was to completely uninstall Roon Server on my Win7 machine and reinstall it from scratch. Had to do this a couple times. You can find separate traffic on this.

Ben, I have some Tech chops and understand moving off unsupported platforms. But I blindly selected your upgrade notification for 2.0, figuring it was s/w defect fixes, etc. Your delivery package should never have installed anything on my machines. If I was a non-technical music lover, who I think is where the real money is, I’d have been hosed.

Roon’s integration of my own library with Tidal has changed how I listen to music. And I’m using DSP to deal with some nasty modes in my room. I’m a fan. But these issues requiring deeper tech knowledge on my part is a problem for your product.

Parenthetically, please tell me you have hosting our music libraries in a cloud instance like AWS on your radar. Not only could you charge for the service, but a lot of your support issues go away. Just for grins, I spun up a Win2022 server AWS instance and tried to load 2.0. I think you’re not far off…

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