Switched from Qobuz to Tidal

All the albums linked to a Qobuz version in my library are gone :frowning:

This was unexpected and disappoiitng. Why is the library not service agnostic since roon can suggests versions across services?

Anyway - how do I recover my albums even if manually. Does the backup contain the list?

The streaming services are independent from each other. You could have used Soundiiz to export your Qobuz albums and import them into the Tidal service. See the Export article:

Yes I had to pay €4.5 Soundiiz to do this. I don’t understand why Roon doesn’t take care of doing this since it does already a pretty good job in matching albums across the two services. It should keep tranparently track of my library independently from whether a version of the albums is available or not on a streaming service or locally. Disappearing albums is not a nice feature.

Roon cannot do this because there is no 1:1 relationship between a Qobuz version and a Tidal version. Some albums have 15 versions or so on Qobuz.

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While what you are saying is true, I had the impression that the OP had switched from using Qobuz to using Tidal and had expected that his entire collection of Qobuz albums would automatically be transferred to their Tidal equivalents…

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I completely misread that, apologies , clearly I need some more coffee :sweat_smile:

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It could do this. Soundiiz does it. Also Roon maps albums across different versions so it could offer you could fall back on the most popular and the list the others the versions tab. When I add an album to my library my expectation was that I was adding the album and not a specific version linked to changing availability of streaming services. This is a bit more that disappointing. Also because for example there seems to be no way to save my tags…


Yes it rears its ugly head in various scenarios, you can vote on feature suggestions

Well, how big is your Qobuz library?
You should try “Tune My Music” to sync both libraries.
If it’s less than 500 songs it’s free, if your library is bigger, you might need to pay a little bit to make that switch.

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