Switched to RoonServer

So I had my roon core on my Mac laptop and was frustrated with it shutting down. So I purchased a 2018 Mac mini and downloaded RoonServer. So of course I had to disassemble the core on the laptop. I’m running RoonServer headless with no issues. However, I seem to be missing some albums, tracks, etc from the old core. Shouldn’t server have downloaded all of my music files? How can I re-scan to see what is missing? Thanks

No. Roon does not touch your local music files. They are on the same storage device(s) that they were when you were using the laptop for Core.

No, it’s a new core server – how would it know where your music files are? Did you copy them over to the new Mini? And tell the new Core where you put them? Once it knows that, it should re-scan automatically.