Switches, Routers and Drop outs

I’ve always noticed the Ipad losing the connection to the Roon Core ([presently an Antipodes device) at too frequent intervals. It has stopped losing it after I installed a Netgear Nighthawk S8000 switch where the setup for music streaming was implemented.

The network chain is router -> Nighthawk port 8, Roon endpoint port 1 and Roon server port 2. All three ports are set to highest priority, no power off, or eco mode, etc. An Airport extreme is in the same network via a different managed Netgear switch, and the ipad wirelessly linked to the Airport. In addition there is an Envoy solar regulator hooked to the router WIFI lan generating constant network traffic.

Music is on an outboard RAID1 WD Duo thunderbolt drive feeding a MacPro with 32 Gb RAM. It operates as a server and also streams ITunes movies. (MacPro is 3 years old).

It’s a bit unnerving not having the Ipad reloading Roon remote every so often. Obviously losing the connection to Roon Core was related to some switch going into power save mode.

Implementation of the Netgear Nighthawk was to isolate the Roon system from the rest of the LANs. It might be useful to use the second Ethernet port on the MacPro as a feed to the Nighthawk switch to give the music drive shorter access to the Nighthawk switch.

The only internet streaming service used in the Australian ABC Classic FM stream. Tidal et al are not used.

I spoke too soon. Airport Extreme has been taken out of the system, Ipad using the faster WiFi channel, and has become a bit flaky, with latest being total loss of Roon Core. It also managed to stop Roon Core, until it acquired a connection and then had to be manually restarted. Ipad Pro big screen version is used as remote. Running Roon control of the PC’s causes no problem since they are hard wired into the system. Apples rooning the system…