Switching between music and audiobooks

I’d like to know if there’s a way to switch between music and audiobooks in some dropdown-menu style?
On my Nas they’re seperated in folders.
I don’t like the tag-way described in other topics I already found.

Would be great for me if I could simply switch by dropdown.

Regards, Martin

Hi Martin,

I may just be repeating the “tag way” you’re referring to but I think the simplest solution if they’re in different folders is to use the Focus tool to filter to the relevant folder and bookmark the result as either “Music” or " Audiobooks" - they’re then available in the bookmarks drop-down menu.

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My Audiobooks are Bookmarked for quick access

I enjoyed the comment about my bookmark order, an accident of the calendar… :joy:

Thank you for your input!
But as my collection is constantly growing, that would mean, I’d have to add tags on every new album.
And that’s what I wanted to get rid of.

Sorry for my bad english…


If you use the Focus filter @dhusky recommended you never have to tag anything. A Focus filter is dynamic if its used that way. As long as the file is among the subfolder identified by the Focus filter, it will always show up. You never have to tag anything. It is identified by its specific characteristic, in this case a folder.
You then Bookmark the Focus Filter and they will always be identified, up to date.


It’s so easy to add a bookmark to anything on input. Just tap the + and add.

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Thank you! @grossmsj @Chrislayeruk @dhusky
In this case I’ll try it this way.
Have a nice weekend!

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