Switching between Studio and Hifi: Losing albums and tracks?

I have two questions about switching between Qobuz Studio and Hifi:

I have been a Qobuz Studio subscriber for some time now, but I am thinking of changing it to the Hifi subscription. Since I have saved alot of 24 bit albums and tracks in my library, my question is if Roon sees that and changes them to the 16 bit versions automatically? My Roon playlists consists of many 24 bit tracks from Qobuz, will they play in 16 bit when the Hifi subscription has become active or do I have to remove and add them again?

If they are available in all formats to start with then it should default to the tier you subscribed to for each one. If the release is not available in hifi then you will likely loose it. Some material or releases maybe hires only.

Yes, some albums seem to be available in 24 bit only. Sad to loose them, if that is the case. I will try and see. Anyone who tried to switch subscriptions and can answer for sure?

I haven’t switched subscriptions, I only have the hifi subscription. But i’ve also got quite some hires albums in my library. The play fine. They are streamed by Qobuz in 44.1/16 quality automatically. I therefore think you won’t loose any albums from your library.

Thanks! Great news, I will try it when the subscription changes in about two weeks.

I experience the same as @DeLub. I usually fav the Hires version in Roon from Qobuz as I’m still in hopes Roon will reenable some time in the future that one can stream the Hires version if purchased, even having only a HiFi or Sublime (not Sublime+) subscription.
These faved Hires albums in my library play without problem in CD quality I subscribe for streaming (Sublime trier).

Now that Roon and Qobuz have ironed out most problems with their databases it could be about time (@dylan?) to give back full feature of Qobuz (i.e. Hires streaming of purchased Hires albums) as other SW do when using the Qobuz SDK and service in their streaming SW.