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I have two mac minis I’m using, one with roon server, and one with core - two different physical homes.

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I used to have two accounts I was paying for but have reduced to one since I find I mostly use in one place.

Since I’m going to need to de-authroize when I am at the other home, is it better or worse for me to have Cores or Server or is it okay to have core in one location and server in another?

Does it matter?



I’ve moved your question from the #support category across to the #roon category of the forum, since it’s not really a Support issue.

Could you also clarify what you mean when you say you have “two mac minis, one with roon server, and one with core”

Roon Server has the Core component in it as well. Do you mean that one mac has the full Roon package, while the other has the Roon Server package? Thanks.

thank you, that’s fine. I wasn’t sure where it should go.

Yes one mac mini has just the server, and one has the full roon (so has the UI) I don’t really need the UI as I don’t use a monitor with it, I use remote pc to work on the two minis.

You can do it that way. It makes no difference. Just deauthorize one and authorize the other. My preference is to load the full Roon on both.

I was just thinking at one point that the server alone would use less resources on mac’s.

My main thought anyway.

Can I just install full over the server? or do I need to uninstall server. and do the backup and restore deal so I won’t lose modifications I’ve made to tracks along the way?


Actually, I think you can run both and use whichever you want, whenever you want.

By installing the full Roon package on a mac that is currently running Roon Server, then you have the options of:

  1. Continuing to use the Core in Roon Server, and just use the Control component of the full Roon to access it, or
  2. Switch from using the Core in Roon Server to using the new Core in the full Roon.

For (2) you are effectively migrating to a new Core, and therefore you would need to follow the migration steps in this article:

That’s kind of what I thought, and if I migrate to “new core” then I could drop the server in the trash?

Yes /10 chars.

thank you sir.

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