Switching core computer

Hi all
At present I use a Windows 10 desktop for the Roon core, but the main audio system is in a different room. Is it easy to change core machines? How would you set about this? For a number of reasons I’d like to get a small dedicated laptop (128GB SSD) to use in the audio room as the core server. That room has a powerline ethernet connection.



You can backup your database to a location on your home network and then point the new machine at it once Roon has been loaded. You will be asked to de-authorise the old core. The is an article about this in the knowledge base.

Thank you, Henry. I’m not an experienced user - could you point me to the article you mention, please? Thanks.


Henry - found it, right at the end of the long list of items. Thanks again.

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Hey Jeff, I’m a Roon newbie and just did this as I’m away with work for the week and wanted to still be able to play Roon on my laptop; the process really is simple, just copy over the backup folders and tell Roon that you want to switch cores. I also had to tell the laptop where all my music was in the storage section. It’s so easy, I’ll probably do this relatively regularly when I’m heading away.

OK thanks Peter. If I go this route I’ll check your advice!

If you want a server, have you considered getting an Intel NUC? Depending on your preference you could set one up in the other room as a server with Roon ROCK (so you could control it from a remote such as your desktop, laptop or phone/tablet) or if you wanted to control it directly, just install Windows and set up Roon and use it as you do now.