Switching Roon CORE from a HTPC to ST i9: Adding Network Share Problems

I’ve been running Roon Core on my home theater PC (Windows 10 PC) for many years now with no problems. I recently purchased a Sonic Transport i9/ultraRendu/ultraDigital combination to replace my aging HTPC. All files are located on my Netgear ReadyNAS 214 in the following directory: \NAS214-5D-D0-3A\Backup\RoonBackups

I backed up the Roon Core to the ReadyNas 214 from the HTPC so that I could restore it to the new STi9. Unfortunately, I am unable to “Add Network Share” so that I can point Roon to the backup files for a restoration.

I continue to get “Invalid Network Path” error messages despite trying the following in the “Network Share Location”:


No success with any of these entries.

When I start up the HTPC again, Roon Core has no difficulty accessing the music files or backup files on the ReadyNAS.

At this point, I am stuck - unable to create a network path for Roon so that I can restore my files.

Any ideas on why the STi9 running Roon Server is having difficulty with the network paths I am using?


you need to put double backslash first



I am using the double-backslashes … I typed it into this post but only the first \ is showing.

“smb://NAS214-5D-D0-3A/Backup” and “smb://” should work (with no “/” at the end) - http://kb.roonlabs.com/Adding_Folders_Using_Path
Did you fill in the correct user and password for the Netgear network share?

You can also copy your ROON Core backup to an USB memory stick, and use this one for ROON Core restore.

check this on your windows 10
Win + Q , Windows features.
Enable SMB1.0/CIFS File sharing support…

Yes, SMB1.0/CIFS File Sharing is checked off.

Unfortunately, Roon won’t allow the network share. See my screenshot.

Yes, SMB1.0/CIFS File Sharing is enabled …

I went back to the original HTPC, fired up ROON Core, and added a new network share called “ROON”.
Using the same credentials as the image below, creating this share was successful.

Then, I shut down the HTPC, connected the STi9, and attempted to create the same network share so that I could restore files to ROON. Unfortunately, it failed again … see screen shot below.

So, I believe I’ve established that my network is “OK”. If I can create shares on the ReadyNAS and successfully backup files to it, then it must be ok, leading me to conclude there is something odd going on with the SonicTransporter i9?

Here is the screenshot of the STi9, attempting to add the new Network Share:

And here is evidence that the same network share was successfully created in the old Roon Core setup on the HTPC (using the same credentials):

For reasons I don’t understand, I believe the host has to listed in the format \\host.local\share
on the SonicTransporter devices.
So it would be \\BAS214-5D-D0-3A.local\backup
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5Ra5lbmaUY at around the 2:00 mark

Fantastic! That seemed to work. I was able to successfully add the back share and the music share as per below:

Unfortunately, a new problem has emerged: Regardless of which share that I backup my Roon files to on the ReadyNAS, the restore fails around the 7% complete stage on the STi9.

I’m open for suggestions on the restore failing (should I start a new thread?)

I’d start a thread in Support.

I had the same problem, and I copy the backup to an USB stick. This way it worked.
Optionally, you can create a new backup directly on an USB stick, using the old ROON Core.