Switching Roon Radio OFF for ever

Is there any way at all to keep Roon Radio switched OFF all the time?

I am quite picky when I listen to music (usually classical), so after an album has finished I do not want some random track of something else to start playing because I want to make those choices myself.

Yet Roon keeps starting Roon Radio every time, even after I have switched it off in playlist and in settings > play actions > every available option.

Have I missed a location where I need to switch it off too? And why is there no central location/switch where I can switch it off? Not everyone wants to listen to music in this way after all.

If you have more than one endpoint then you have to turn it off in the queue for each one as each zone has its own queue. if you switch playback to a different zone it will turn it oon if it’s not off on the zone your transferring. .You do this in the queue management section of now playing. Just turn it off for each zone. That’s how it works.

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Hmm, yes, I did that several times already. But for some reason my (bluetooth) headphones keep disappearing from Roon and I keep having to add it as if it were new (if Roon can find it, which is also a problem). So perhaps that is also why Radio keeps being switched on.

I still don’t dig the design choice of Radio being on by DEFAULT though. It’s annoying.

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When my selections have been exhausted and Roon Radio kicks in, I have pleasantly found new artists to enjoy. You can always add more selections when you realize that the current choice is not yours.

Just a thought!

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I agree with Herman, it is quite jarring when roon radio kicks in. I sometimes enjoy it, but the vast majority of the time, I want playback to stop. What would be nice is to have the roon radio toggle slightly more accessible for when I DO use it. There is so much unused whitespace down at the bottom in the control center area (at lease when on a computer with a decent monitor). Maybe a radio icon next to the play pause and other controls? Or possibly in the volume popup?


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