Switching storage addresses - how to copy/transfer other customisation

NAS died (2 x hdd failing within 12 hours) - a new NAS is in place with a copy of the backup of the music folders safely “restored”.

As the ip address is different to the original nas, Roon seems to be seeing them as new tracks as far as play numbers, likes etc… Restoring Roon from a Roon backup points it at the old ip (understandably).

Is there a way to retain the historical info and just change the file location please?

Thanks in advance - Terry

Don’t add the new storage location. After doing a restore, click the 3 dot menu on the old locaion, choose edit, and edit the old location to the new. This should keep everything.


Hi Daniel.

Thanks for your reply, however I think that is more or less what I had done.

Knowing that it is better to take a hint… I followed your instructions, and some things are ok, such as playlists, but favourites and number of times played seem to be seeing the new path as new tracks.

I will restore again and before changing the path, I will see if the inaccessible files do indeed have their “old” “attributes”.

Thanks again - Terry

p.s. I will re-read your advice to make sure that I haven’t assumed something on the way.

OK, I have restored again, and I have gone into edit and I have “Edit storage location” and that shows the old path with the option to browse. That takes me to “Choose music storage folder” can I edit the address of the broken nas from here? Is this the correct method as when I look I can see the old network drive (and incidentally the location of the backups which are on another drive) n.b. three nas boxes are on the network, the replacement is not on the list.

Previously I have added the new storage which as mentioned loses the history.

Thanks again - Terry

When you get to the storage tab. Do not use the 3 dot menu and edit. Instead there should be a little message saying the storage is offline and cannot be reached. In that text there is a blue link to edit.

Choosing that just select the new nas and path, you might have to add the location here. But by using edit you are telling Roon that this location is the same as the previous.

Thanks Daniel, I am not seeing that message, but that may be because the ip address of the broken nas is still live as I am waiting for NetGear support to talk me through repairing it. I will go and disconnect the network cable so that it “disappears” from the lan and see if that brings up the message that you mention.


OK, I now have that option.

Roon was waiting for that IP/device to come back online.

So I disconnected the LAN cables to that NAS and the options in Roon stayed the same. I then rebooted the Roon core and the message/option that you were referring to appears.

“This drive is not available. Check the drive or edit this folder if it’s been moved” I have added that into my reply in case anyone else is searching for the string later.

Thanks for sticking with me on this one. Hopefully NetGear support will be as useful - two drives (in a six drive RAID) dying within 12 hours of each other i.e. before the first replacement drive had rebuilt.

Thanks again and HNY - Terry

Super useful thread. I wish I’d known this (need to take the original location offline to get the option to move) when I moved storage locations a year back! Ah well, it worked out.

Also a really good reminder to everyone that having a NAS / RAID device is not a backup strategy, it’s a fault-tolerance strategy!

I have 2 ReadyNAS 6 drive RAID units.

Again, just for those who this might help (for those using raided devices without backups for their Roon music collections (luckily I have the backups on another NAS as well)).

Drive 5 started to show reallocation errors sending emails that sounded as if bad sectors were being dealt with as might be expected (hands up those who have sat and watched Norton utilities scan a drive and do its thing). Then drive 4 started to do the same, I had one spare drive and decided to hold it and replace whichever drive failed first whilst ordering a couple more spares.

Drive 5 fails at 1.30h and I replaced the drive at 10.00h, drive 4 failed at 12.30h goodbye RAID.

All this time if you went to the NetGear admin page it said that everything was healthy. I then read that NetGear NAS do not display the SMART information (I am waiting to ask NetGear support the question).

So what had gone wrong? Well the WD (red maybe others as well) drives have a limit to how many reallocation errors they will “accept” before they judge the drive to be useless and expire. That limit is around about 200 (I think that mine were set to 162) so if you have two drives sending error emails, take heed of these and get the drives replaced or you will possibly have the same problem that I experienced.

As a postscript, I took the original drive 5 and put it in a caddy and ran a disk utility programme (like chkdsk) and it found nothing that it couldn’t handle/correct. Why the drive manufacturers set the bar so low is open to comment. In a datacentre it might be acceptable/necessary, but for home use?

So, don’t loose your music collection, as people say, nas drives are not backups per se, but they can form the backbone of your music collection, you just need a spare backbone (like a usb drive - possibly stored offsite) to ensure that you don’t have a tragedy. The new Synology that I purchased does seem to recognise the SMART status.

Thanks again to Daniel for his help in getting the history et al back in place with the restored backup of the collection.

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