Switching Tidal songs to Qobuz

Dear ROON community members,
I have subscribed to Qobuz and Tidal and I have decided to end my Tidal subscription.
I would like to know if all songs I have on my various ROON playlists that are coming from Tidal will automatically be replaced by Qobuz songs (as they have them as well when I look to song> version) or do I have to do it myself manually?
I have tried to add directly the Qobuz version to my playlists but it didn’t appear on the playlist so I did it manually which is quite annoying, do you have any suggestions?
Thanks for the help

The easiest way I know is to use Soundiz. Before you ditch Tidal, export your playlist from Tidal to Soundiz and import into Qobuz. Also, use Soundiz to sync your Tidal library with Qobuz.

I use Soundiz frequently to keep Apple Music in sync with Qobuz and Tidal.

I’ll second Soundiiz to do exactly what you want. And you can just pay for a month’s subscription (£4.50 in UK) and then cancel if you no longer need it after the bulk transfer. Soundiiz encourage it. It’s so good I went for the annual subsription once the first month had expired. But then I am using it for my website as well, so there’s an ongoing need.

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But not every album that is on Tidal, can be on Qobuz. I’ve about 60 albums which are on Tidal and aren’t on Qobuz.

Yes, of course. And, vice versa.

FYI, if you go to the Qobuz website you’ll find a coupon code that will unlock some of the premium features in Soundiiz for converting to Qobuz.