Switching to a fiber ISP service, will the Nucleus will still work wirelessly through my router?

I am switching to a fiber optic Internet service, I am wondering if my Nucleus will still work wirelessly through my router?

I use Linksys Nodes.

It should work just the same.

The issues you may face.
They may/will replace your router. It will redo your network IP Addresses. Personally I keep a spreadsheet with mac addresses and device names and ip’s.

When they are done. I would:
Log into my new router and find attached devices.
Bring up each system 1 at a time and note the IP and mac address. (assign static IP’s if you wish, but is a huge help)

It will be a pain the first time, but should be solid.

That said. Hard wired is always preferred.

Enjoy the extra bandwidth. My ISP has some regrets about now I’d bet. :slight_smile:

I thought the Nucleus does not have wifi?

It may not. I have never seen one much less used it.

My apologies if I’m leading someone astray.

No Wifi according to specs.


12-19V DC, 2.5mm ID, 5.5mm OD, 11mm L

2 x USB3.0 (can be used for hard drive and/or DAC)

HDMI (stereo and multi-channel audio output)

Gigabit Ethernet LAN

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I’ll adjust going forward. Thanks.
I thought I was helping, I learned something.

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Hmm, hold on a minute…
The title of his thread says "will it STILL work wirelessly, not will it work wirelessly.
So a question is right there.
Is the title a mistake or has the op got something like a wireless to ethernet converter to the Nucleus?

@Jerry_Keefe ?
How is your Nucleus connected right now?


Connected to my ethernet. Did not know there was a wireless to Ethernet connection available.

Well your title asks if it will still work wirelessly so I think it’s a little confusing to all concerned ATM.
Sorry to be a pain but could you please clarify what your exact concern or question is here?

Does the nucleus need ethernet to work. I think that’s a yes. Can I make the nucleus work wirelessly with an adapter? Another yes. I believe that was my concern.

Not quite.

Nucleus needs an Internet connection in order to work properly.

Ethernet is one way to use a cable to connect a computer (the Nucleus is a computer) to a router or modem that connects to the Internet. WiFi is a different way to connect a computer to a WiFi router, using radio signals instead of a cable. Most ISPs, regardless of the technology (cable or fiber or DSL or whatever) will provide a router which allows you to connect both/either Ethernet and WiFi computers. If you can make WiFi work with the Nucleus with an adapter, you should be fine using it.

As in can you get a connection. Perhaps. Will it work well, maybe. Some people have no issues, some cannot get it to work. There is a whole lot of …it depends.

Keep in mind, the music file, either local or streamed source is sent to the Core, processed into PCM or DSD (which is a much larger stream) and then sent out to the endpoint. If the WiFi hop is used for both incoming/outgoing streams, that is where issues most likely arise.

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