Switching to internal hard drive in a NUC seems to lose a lot of data

I have been using an external hard drive with great success but wanted to consolidate since the NUC can hold an SSD. So, formatted a new drive and transferred all the files over. Unfortunately, Roon says all of the albums are “new”, all of the “date added” information is reset and all of the play counts seem to have vanished. This persists after I do a database reload.

Is this normal behavior or have a screwed something up or missed an important step?

Thank you

Following the guide should prevent this. The guide also applies for moving your library from external to internal storage.

Migrating To ROCK

Followed that to the letter. I find that was perhaps my problem. I made a backup immediately before proceeding with the transfer and used that for the restore. It appears to have been a bad backup?

Using an older backup solved the problem.

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