Switching to new system & backups - best practices

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When I move places, I’m used to do a backup and retrieve it from another location. That’s simple.

Now, I’m getting new speakers and I was wondering if I can do the same or shall I start from scratch.

I’m a bit worried if I start from scratch, I’ll have to redo all the tagging Roon missed.

I’m also worried if I do the normal backup retrieval process, the setup won’t be aligned to my new system.

What is your recommendation?

Also I’d like to know what’s inside a backup. Just for my personal knowledge.

If you are just changing speakers and nothing else then you shouldn’t need to backup or restore.
The backup holds the roon library and all your settings

I’m changing the amp: from Teac AI-503 to a Rotel A14 MKII.

I was upsampling in DSD but my new amp doesn’t support DSD. If I use my backup, will that downgrade automatically?

I’m not sure where the backup comes into it?
If you are keeping your core server then you don’t need to use your backups.

If you were using a new keyboard or screen on a computer you just swap them over and possibly install a new driver, you don’t nee to restore the whole PC. Same thing here.

I’m also upgrading from a Mac mini 2018 to a M1. I have transferred my music & the backup.

Let me try to clarify.

I just want to make sure there is no issue using an old backup, associated to an old system, with a new one. Hope that makes more sense.

It would have saved a lot of time if you’d have said that up front!
If you follow this guide then it will work

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Thanks. I read that article several time.

My question is as follows:

Maybe someone from @Support can provide some guidance?

Did you read the article it is specifically written about what you want to do.


"Install Roon or RoonServer on the new machine.

Restore the backup."

Moving to the Mac Mini M1, is covered in the migration guide that was linked about and it seems you’re good with that.

Changing DACs, is not related to moving your core, you can regard this as a completely separate activity.
Thus you are fine to use the running Roon system that was loaded from the Roon Backup take from your old core.

They are both USB DACs:

  • When the Teac is disconnected it will no longer show in Roon as a audio device.

  • When the Rotel is connected it will show [as a new] device; the Teac should inform Roon via USB what’s it capabilities are, but it’s always worth sanity checking them in Roon.

So for 1 hour no sound. The Rotel was not recognised by the mini. I tried a different a USB cable. But still nothing. Then I realised on the Rotel, they put a USB and a PC-USB! So I switched, turned on everything and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. So great SQ.

THANK YOU Carl! I managed to do the restore of all my music. Everything is here and my new speakers are amazing: KEF R5! Wow good stuff.

I’m just missing some covers. But all good. Appreciate your help and taking the time to answer.

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That’s excellent news, enjoy your new Roon system … Mac Mini M1 → Rotel A14 MKII → KEF R5 !!!

Thanks, I am & I will.

Little tiny issue: my bookmark “never played” is back with all track. I wonder if there is a way to recover only the songs I never played, I have a few.

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