Switching Transporter between Roon Server & LMS or Digital Inputs

Once you have your Transporter (or other SB device) endpoint running against the Roon server - has anyone worked out a way to switch it back to LMS or a digital input say without powering the Transported (or other SB device) On/Off and going through setup?

It seems that when Roon is controlling the SB endpoint the device becomes a bit of a “dumb” terminal losing a lot of the functionality you get via the buttons on the front panel and/or the SB remote.

This can be done on the Sonicorbiter SE but I’d like the capability on my Vortexbox/Squeezebox set up so I can switch between them .having paid for Roon I’m not in a position to fork out money for the other device. LMS still offers some nice features and when Tidal becomes glitchy, I’d like the ability to move across and play Spotify etc. Clearly it is possible via a switch on Vortexbox UI or a plug in for LMS. It has already been mooted on the Squeeze forums.

Yes, I just hold the back button and pick my LMS install from the source list.

Note that my LMS is on a different hostname/IP to my Roon install.

You should be able to press the + button guys :slightly_smiling:

Brilliant. + works for me. Thanks for the quick responses.

Interesting. When I use the + or Add button, it takes me straight to mysqueezebox.com

Sorry if this is going a bit of subject, but if using a Mac Mini (or other computer) as the source is there a reason to use the Transporter to amp (in my case a Devialet) rather than going direct from Mac Mini to Devialet.

What advantage does using the Transporter add for Roon that going direct from Mac Mini doesn’t.


PS I haven’t been using my Transporter as much as a pain changing over from LMS so above info (back or + button) would make things so much easier.

Yup - it does that too on my silver Transporter but not on my black one. (Not suggesting the colours have anything to do with it BTW). On the silver I just wait for the connection to mysqueezebox.com to fail (need to look into that too) and then it takes you to the main menu. On the black it doesn’t attempt the mysqueezebox.com connection at all - just goes straight to the main menu.

Hi John,

In my setup:

  • LMS runs on a W2K3 WHS server. (Can’t install Roon on here as needs W7 +)
  • Roon runs on a MacMini.
  • T1 (black) is connected to main hi-fi system.
  • T2 (silver) is upstairs connect to a iMac and a pair of Rokit 5 active monitors.
  • definitely works. Give it a bash.

Thats should say + definitely works.


Only problem I have is that Roon is on the same Mac Mini that I have LMS on.

I was under the impression that couldn’t have ‘Roon LMS’ & ‘Transporter LMS’ running at same time on same computer.


Yup - I have my LMS shutdown when I’m running Roon too but use the + to switch between Roon and Optical SPDIF input if I want to play tracks direct from the iMac rather than Roon.

I was going to try out running Roon and LMS concurrently (on different computers) this afternoon to see how it behaves. The standard recommendation seems to be to shut LMS down when using Roon to control any SB endpoints.

In my case the Roon server (Mac Mini) isn’t connected to any hi-fi equipment. Just a TV.

Sounds like in your case the Roon server (Mac Mini) is connected (via WI-FI) to Devialet speaker(s).

In that case, I guess reasons to still use the Transporter in-between could be …

  • can’t think of any actually.

Would it add to the sound quality in anyway maybe? Not sure.

Ignore me John - just realised you said Devialet amp not speakers. Definitely not sure then what Transporter could add then. Is it a 200? I’ll could buy your Transporter off you :wink:


I currently have my Mac Mini (Roon Core) hooked up to my Devialet via Toslink (Devialet Air is so hit and miss), and Mac Mini to Transporter via Ethernet, then Transporter Coax output to Devialet AES input.

I use my MacBook Air as Roon Remote and iPeng on my iPhone for Transporter


I’ve got a pair of Matte Black D-Premiers :wink:

Nice. Looks loud.

thanks all for the sugegstion to use the back button to access the digital inputs. it’s a little kludegy, but it works.

that said, getting back to roon wasn’t so straightforward. i went back to the networking setup, got an IP address, and the TP found roon just fine. however, i couldn’t get any sound. Roon could see the TP, and i could click play, but the progress bar didn’t move, and there was no sound.

i ended up disconnecting the power, and rebooting, after which all is fine. is there a better way to switch from digital input to roon? i am not running LMS currently.

To switch from Digital Inputs back to Roon I do the following:

Navigate the SB Transporter Menu to Settings - Music Source.

Select LMS (which is the Roon version).

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thanks Chris.