Symbols, marks, images?

Pouvons-nous trouver une liste qui détaille ce que sont ces marques suivantes à la fin de chaque piste : plusieurs disques empilés ? (coeur (j’ai compris), fléche noire + zero ? (trois points (j’ai compris)… Je suis un vieux mélomane et je n’ai pas le temps ni l’esprit à deviner… Merci

Can we find a list detailing what these marks are at the end of each track: several discs stacked ? (heart (I got it), black arrow zero ? (three dots (I got it)). I’m an old music lover and I don’t have the time or the spirit to guess… Thanks

The “stacked discs” means there are other recordings of the track in your library or streaming service. The “zero” means that track has not been played; the number will change with each play of the track.

Thank you. I haven’t see this information anywhere…

If Roon came with some kind of key page it might help, particularly if it’s update in line with new releases. Online would be OK, a page in the UI probably better.