Symphonic Music in MQA?

Please post any MQA titles of symphonic music. My casual search hasn’t turned anything up. Thanks!

There are thousands and thousands. Find a list of MQA albums (there’s one at Hitchhikers for example) and search for your favourite symphonic composers.

Thanks but ugh! Cannot separate the classical from the majority of the content.

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There is plenty of MQA content in all genre. I suggest you just look for something you want to hear and if it available in MQA then for some of us it is a bonus. If not you get to hear what you want in at least CD quality.

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There seem to be only 335 or so MQA albums total in TIDAL’s inventory (or perhaps “select all” Master Albums doesn’t really mean that). High growth rate to be sure, but from a small base. Maybe 10% are classical, fewer still symphonic.

There are over 10,000 titles available. Probably closer to 14000. You are probably looking at the Masters area which only shows a ever changing list of about 350 titles. As noted above in Carls post there is a list of titles that is updated about weekly. It is not in a easy format to use but it can be downloaded and sorted.

When I am looking for something on Tidal (rare), I usually do not care if it is MQA or not since I do this to sample the music before making a purchase decision.

What I was hoping for was something more academic: a way to see how much there was of potential interest to me.

I had never searched Tidal in Roon by genre. I always look for specific artists.

I tried searching “classical” and you are correct it does not return what appears to be a great deal of useful content.

Others may have better ideas.

That’s a human-edited recommend list only. Please check out the link to the most complete list posted by Carl above.