Sync current Nucleus+ with Newly Purchased Nucleus +

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus + 2TB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi mesh WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

I have multiple endpoints including 4 Sonos amps with speakers, Denon receiver with B&W 805s, HD 6XX headphones with Mac mini and Blusound portable speakers. ProBox S2 DACs are utilized where needed.

Number of Tracks in Library

33,000 tracks with Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions

Description of Issue

I purchased a Nucleus + 4TB SSD for my Roon core at my second home and want to copy the settings and music before I install in the second home when it’s ready this Christmas. I want to keep all the playlists, etc. What is the best way?

Have a read of this …


  • Copy of your music files to the new Nucleus.
  • Restore a Roon database backup that was created using your current Roon Core.
  • Authorise the core as / when required.

Thanks, Carl. I now have to copy the contents of my old Nucleus + to the new Nucleus+, can I have both connected to the internet at once and just copy from one to the other or do I need to have a two or three step process via USB disc? I am missing most of my music after restoring on the new Nucleus.

Using a PC or a Mac, you can copy the music files directly from the share of Nucleus #1 to Nucleus #2, the transfer would of course be via you home LAN and I’d highly recommend all the devices are hardwired.

That said, how do you presently backup the music files on the Nucleus?
Or putting it another way, if the storage on the Nucleus #1 failed how would you recover all the lost music files?

Of course once you have Nucleus #1 and #2 setup they will (provided you keep them reasonably synced) be a backup for each others audio files, but maintenance of geographical separated devices has to be considered.

My music files are on a QNAP NAS with RAID6, but I still have both an onsite and a offsite back on a portable USB HDDs just in case … a small outlay compared to re-ripping my collection again if lost.

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Make sure in the web interface to the destination nucleus that you turn off the roon server so it’s not importing anything as it’s slowly adding all the files.

You can still use the original nucleus while copying is happening.


Thanks for the good info. I have the music files backed up on a USB portable drive that can move from one house to the other. I was told by a Roon employee that I could nave the same login for both and that would simplify the synching. I’m going to try that. I was successful in using a Mac to copy over the files.


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