Sync desktop and remote app [unlikely to happen]

Could it be possible for the remote app and the desktop to both show what’s playing? It seems a bit odd to select a track/album on one and the other to be showing something different.

Roon displays what is playing on each audio device. If it is a networked audio device then all remotes can see the same stream. If the device is local to the remote then only that remote and the core can see what playing.

If you’ve got multiple audio outputs and multiple remotes then I don’t think you want this behavior what if different zones are playing different things at the same time which one do you want the remote to point to when you open it?

The current behavior where tech remote opens wherever left off seems most logical to me but would be interested i suggestions others have.

They only show different queues if they are pointing at different zones. Point them to the same zone and they’ll show the same queue.

I’m sure you have a valid use case for this, but this is contrary to the architectural design of Roon.

The Core has no notion of “current zone”, and the UI built into that Core is not special in any way. It’s just a remote with no private zones and it does it’s communication directly instead of over the network.

So what you are really asking for is a feature to sync 2 UI’s zones, which would come with its own host of problems, both in technical issues and in usability issues.

I suggest you do what @andybob said.

I have both the desktop and the iOS app using the same zone - Hqplayer in this case. Let’s say I start to play an album using the iOS app, what I’d like to happen is for the desktop program to show what I selected on the iOS app. What happens currently is that the desktop continues to show the last album selected on that platform. If that can’t be done, or breaks your design apologies.

The footer, queue screen and screensaver on the desktop should all be showing the selection from the iOS device. The browser should continue to show the last album/track/search etc. used on the desktop. Searching/browsing is independent of the queue.

@OneHandWaving – that should be happening. The footer, the queue screen, the now playing “screensaver”, all should be in sync always.

What you are navigating (browsing) is not kept in sync on purpose.