Sync EQ presets to Roon account

Would be nice if the EQ presets, or even the entire DSP presets were stored in our Roon accounts. That way if we switch between machines we can restore them from the account instead of it being local in the specific Core machine.

I didn’t know they were local to the core, did you switch cores and find this out the hard way?

Yep. I have another core on my work laptop that I switch between that and my home core. And recently I got my work laptop replaced and had to build the presets from scratch.

By the way, for start an export/import capability would also be handy.

I would have thought they where part of the backup. Obviously not.

They might be, I didn’t use backup. On my work laptop I only use my Tidal library so I didn’t bother with it.

Try it then, as I would be surprised if they are not.