Sync-ing Roon and iTunes

I have generally been successfully sync-ing my iTunes with roon, but finding some issues of missing tracks. Hope someone can help me.

Here is how I have set things up.

(1) I have made my Nucleus+ (external SSD drive) my default storage for my iTunes. So using my own desktop, I’ve pointed to the above drive network location as my default storage, and apple has automatically created it’s folders over there. So iTunes folders are subfolders inside my Music Library folder in Nucleus (which includes other music files in separate subfolders):

(2) I can see that iTunes has created all content and songs. Here is the content of one iTunes on Nucleus that is stored properly (with which I have a problem, see further below). I can confirm this is all properly stored, since I can double click any file from my desktop (which views this folder through network connection) and play it with any local media player. So the content is fully there as needed:

(3) HOWEVER… when I go to my roon library, only the last 2 tracks of this 13-track album show, i.e. the first 11 tracks are missing from my library:

Normally roon sync’s all content on my SSD automatically and without an issue, but not here.

How do I fix this?

thank you!

Hello @goldwerger, I’d first check skipped files, anything showing up there? I’d also take a look at this article about missing tracks.

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Thank you @nuwriy - that was helpful!

I wasn’t aware of skipped filed, so learned something new. This wasn’t the issue, but the article led me to search by path, and I saw that all the tracks were there.

Then I noticed that I have this album appearing twice - one in its totally as AAC (clearly from iTunes sync), and one with only 2 tracks as MQA (clearly from Tidal sync).

The 2 tracks were duplicates.

Question now is - since I have both Tidal and iTunes synced to roon (the former for quality listening moving forward; the latter to capture couple of decades of historic listening preferences) -

shouldn’t Roon be recognizing duplications based on its metadata and offer the best options only? how do I clean up my library, at scale, to make sure only the higher quality version remains?

thank you very much

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