Sync problem when grouping zones

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
ROON ROCK running on NUC8I7 connected by ethernet to my router Asus RT-AC86U

Audio system setup
The problem relates to grouping these two systems

  1. NUC --> Ethernet --> AC86U --> Ethernet --> Pi4 with Hifiberry Digi+ Pro and HifiberryOS --> Coax --> DAC in Hegel H160 --> B&W804D2
  2. NUC --> Ethernet --> AC86U --> Wifi --> Pi4 with Hifiberry DAC2 HD and HifiberryOS or RopieeeXL --> RCA --> B&O A9

Description Of Issue
When grouping these two zones (using RAAT or Airplay in Pi4) the music is way out of sync. The maximum setting for delay when grouping zones in Roon seems to be 1000 (ms I guess), but this is not enough to get the music in sync.

When grouping using Airplay in Pi4 (1) and the built in Airplay in the A9 (2) there is no delay, even though it’s still over wifi, which makes me believe that the problem relates to the wifi on the Pi4.

I much prefer to use RAAT over Airplay, as the sound quality is much better - especially on my main system, so any suggestions will be most welcome!

If not I will make a feature request making it possible to adjust the grouping delay more than 1000.

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My zones include an Auralic Aries G2 streamer on ethernet as an endpoint and a Elac Discovery Z3 speaker as a(wifi) endpoint.

As you describe, the delay between the ethernet endpoint and the wifi endpoint is very large and as a result I move the wifi speaker out of earshot of the ethernet streamer endpoint after I could not find a delay great enough to balance the two.

Hope you find a solution/suggestion to resolve this difference.

Thank you for your reply.

I was in the middle of trying to delete this post (could not figure out how to do that) as I found the reason for the delay. It turns out that the A9 has a setting regarding B&O multiroom system. When I disabled this the sync is perfect.


Great outcome, glad you found the solution.

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