Sync Qobuz favourite artists to Roon library?

I’m a Roon newbie so please excuse if this is obvious!

I have my favourite artists selected in Qobuz and I mainly use this to select what I listen to. I can use this through Roon - Qobuz but is it possible to sync this list with Roon library? Is it then possible to add and delete artists to this list in Roon library?


Roon adds artists for those albums that have been added into the Roon library, it does not echo those favourited in the streaming service.

Thanks Carl

So, if I add at least one album for each of my favourite artists into my Roon library, I will be able to bring up a list of my favorite artists, and, from there, be able to choose any of their albums?

You will be able to bring up a list of all the artists that have at least one track attributed to them in your Roon library.

Once displayed in Roon in the artist browser, you have an option to select and mark them as a Roon favorite and the list can be filter by favorite using the heart icon toward the top of the screen.