Sync two cores, one on NAS second on MacBook

is it possible to use the core on the NAS while being at home and syncing it with a local core on a MacBook to use it while traveling?
Or can Roon also be used without connection to a core in an offline mode?
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Settings==>Backups on the NAS to a thumb drive.
Deauthorize Core on the NAS.
Authorize Core on the MacBook…
Settings==>Backups==>Find Backups on the MacBook from a thumb drive.

This assumes you want to use the same (albeit copied) music files and preserve any playlists, tags, etc…
If that’s not the case, then only Deauthorization/Authorization steps are necessary.

No. The Core is Roon.

I wanna buy a second licence linked to the same account.
I haven’t got a reply yet from the Roon site (I’ve used the contact option).
But this is still possible, right?
Two licences but one account each linked to my Tidal and my Qobuz account.

Tagging @accounts for this.

Thanks @xxx for the help and for tagging accounts :smile:.

@Michael_Hahne, I appreciate your patience while we got a chance to reply. Could you please check your email? I replied on that thread.