Sync usage stats between devices

I’m running Roon on an Antipodes server which I control either from my mac, my tablet or phone. What I don’t understand is why tracks I’m playing from say my tablet does not get marked as such on the other 2 devices and vice versa. Also, chosen radio channels on one device do not appear automatically on the other devices. I’d like all devices to show the same content and remain synced. All are logged in on the same account using the same wifi network.


The play queue is unique to each zone. If you’re controlling the same zone from different devices you should see the same information. Likewise, radio stations should be the same … assuming you are connected to the same core.

Perhaps you could share some screenshots and provide a little more information about your setup …

thanks for the quick response. good to read that I’m expecting what should be happening, yet does not seem to be happening at my setup. I am using all in the same zone. please find 2 example screenshots for illustration.

Thanks for posting some images. What is it that you believe to be incorrect?

well, I’d expect the count of number times played to be the same on each device. in above screenshots, the top one shows “1” after each track, yet in the 2nd screenshot, taken from a different device shows “0” after each track.

Hi @mbraham,
Have you selected the same user profile for each remote?

yes, I only have 1

Track counts are updated once a track finishes playing; I see the update across multiple devices simultaneously.

Not sure why you have the issue. If you could post more details about your setup–see the link in my earlier post–this cann be looked into. Please mention is you’re using a firewall or VPN or different subnets for devices.

ah, I missed that link in your first reponse. here goes:

Roon is running on my Antipodes EX server, Roon version 2.7
Remotes are Macbook air, Iphone XR or Ipad Air

Network local router to a Netgear router. The Antipodes EX is connect with ethernet cable to this Netgear router. The remotes are on the wifi from the Netgear, all on the 2.4gHz bandwidth.

Output from server via USB to external DAC and on towards amplifier.
Library is stored on SDD drives on the Antipodes. In addition I have a Qobuz account, also running on the Antipodes.

hope this provides the details you’re looking for. thanks

Hi @mbraham,

On the device where you are not seeing the play counts update are you able to see these tracks played if you go to History?

nope, I don’t see play counts on the history of the ‘other’ device. I did notice now that I’ve apparently (some how) applied a different user name in the device which doesn’t seem to be synced. it shows ‘community’ rather than my name, which shows on the other 2 devices. It’s not obvious to me where I can change this, assuming this may be the reason for the non-syncing.

I think you may have created a profile … go to Settings > Profiles to confirm. If you don’t need the additional profile you may delete it there. Otherwise, go to the Home screen and click on the icon at the top right corner to select the profile.

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thanks, that seems to have worked. I indeed must have created another profile. I’ve deleted the one I don’t need now. thanks for the feedback. cheers.


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