Synch iPad remote view with core monitor

I have a Roon trial (very impressed so far) and have a large monitor on a Mac Mini. Is there a way to synch the image on the monitor with what I’m doing on the iPad using Roon remote? I know I can do it suing a VNC app, but the lag drives me crazy.

Not within Roon. Control devices are independent of one another and can browse different views or send music to the same, or a different, queue.

There are a number of software/hardware solutions to mirror an iPad to a computer or external monitor outside Roon.

If you just want to see what’s playing, you can open Roon full screen on the mini and open the Queue screen:

Or ‘screensaver mode’ (accessible via the square brackets middle right on the Queue screen:

It will show nicely what’s playing in your selected zone.

If you want to mirror the screen of your iPad to the mini, you can use AirServer for AirPlay mirroring. There’ll be a little delay as well, but it’s much better than VNC or the likes.

As I suspected, thank you.