Synch music files Roon <-> Apple Music

I am not very familiar with Apple Music and want to sync the libraries of Apple Music and Roon.

I have a folder ‘Music’ which contains all my music files (in Apple lossless format). Roon has this folder as (watch)source so to say. How can I make sure that every new music file I add to this folder is automatically synced with Apple Music?

That’s more of an Apple question than a Roon question. Roon is watching that folder for new stuff if you drop an album in there roon will do it’s magic and the album will display all pretty in roon.

Now I’m assuming the folder you’re referring to is your Apple default iTunes library folder. And Apple syncs that folder with your Apple Music and you access those files through Apple Music on your other devices. ? :thinking:

I think this is what your looking for. Scroll down to on your Mac…

Thanks. Yep, more an Apple question.
OK, I’ll change the default iTunes library folder to the same map as Roon’s watch folder and see what happens…

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